Catz Meow




In the not too distant future, a group of cat friends navigate a collapsing society, doing their best to avoid attention as they manage their secret crypto fortunes...

What if your NFT collectables were characters in their own cartoon show? What if the more popular/valuable your NFTs are, the more likely they show up in episodes?

CATZ MEOW is an animated series powered by this NFT collection.

The most popular NFT characters in the collection will be featured in new episodes. The free market will decide which characters make appearances.

Proceeds from the NFT collection will be used to develop/produce the show. The first episode is currently in production.

1000 total items will be included in the CATZ MEOW NFT collection.

Each NFT is an original, hand-drawn character design for the series, by award-winning filmmaker Turkey.

Help make CATZ MEOW into a reality:

Support your entertainment directly, and own a piece of history.

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